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10 tips on being a positive person:

We all know life isn’t easy, but there is always something we can do to make it easier. It all comes down to changing your attitude. Being pessimistic can have a huge negative impact on your health and life. Negative thoughts bring on high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

         Instead you can choose to be positive, which in turn determines your mindset, which improves your health and energy.


Here at the New Hijab Headquarters, have made a list of 10 simple ways to help you be a more positive person!


ü 1. Appreciate the little things in life:

When you feel angry, or out of luck, just think about all the blessings you have. Try to find the silver lining and focus on that. You’ll realize that you are actually very lucky.


ü 2. Don’t compare yourself to others:

If you live your life comparing yourself to others, you will always be unhappy. There’s always going to be someone better than you at something. But you forget, there’s no one who can ever be YOU. That’s an achievement in its self. Don’t let anyone let you think otherwise.


ü 3. Educate yourself daily:

Try to read books about anything and everything. You might even find your passion, pick up a new skill or even learn a new language! This will help in building your confidence every day.


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ü 4. No need to always react:

Acknowledge that you don’t always have to react to certain situations; you don’t need to always be part of the drama. Just walk away.


ü 5. Act it:

If you act sad then you will be. It’s as simple as that. Try to act happy and confident and you will actually feel happy and confident! Try it!


ü 6. Live in the moment:

Don’t think about the past or the future more than necessary. This is one the biggest traps to attract negative thoughts and you don’t want that. Enjoy the moment right now, but…


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ü 7. …Set goals:

If you don’t know where you’re going, it can also be dangerous. Set achievable dream goals and work your way to them. It’s not a race and you should go at your own pace.


ü 8. Associate with positive people:

We all know 2 types of people: positive, upbeat, optimistic or negative, pessimistic and negative. Hanging with the second gang will always leave you feeling depressed. Select the first group, which make you feel positive about life and yourself. They will feed your soul.


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ü 9. Keep a healthy diet:

It’s amazing what healthy food can do for you. Just knowing that your body is getting the nutrients and vitamins that it needs will put you in a better mood and make you feel tons lighter.


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Last but not least…

ü 10. Dress up!

Believe it or not, wearing beautiful clothes, colours that you like, or an item that makes you stand out, will raise your positive energy levels right up.

Every day, pick an outfit that you feel expresses you and let that positive energy radiate through you. We at New Hijab believe that what a girl wears affects her mood, so we try to provide clothes for all styles…

Abaya lover, hijab wearer, sporty, classy, modern, vintage, unique, stylish, modest…. The list is endless and we have it all.


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But, the secret ingredient to a positive attitude and is the most important, is a SMILE.

A smile is the most beautiful thing a girl can wear. 

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What do you want your style to say about you?

What do you want your style to say about you?


As women of this century, fashion is important to us for a variety of reasons. The old saying of “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is still true but we all know that first impressions are significant.

         A major reason for our love of fashion is for the element that it is a means to express ourselves, modestly of course!

So the big question!

What do you want your fashion style to say about you?


Strong woman:

We love strong women no doubt. But how do you know one when you see her? Or how do you project that to the world about yourself?


Research has shown that formal fitting clothes, bold colours; chic simple designs tell us just that. Throw in a pair of heels and there’s no stopping you!


New Hijab’s suggestions for this look:

New Hijab Strong Woman Hijab Syle 2015

A signature look for any strong women. Pair it up with a delicate shawl and you’re good to go.


Another recommendation from New Hijab:

New Hijab Strong Women Hijab Style 2015

 Simple, yet bold styles. In an outfit like this, no one can get in your way.


Cute, fun friend:

When hanging out with friends, you want to be comfortable but cute! Depending on your personality you can go for soft colours or bold prints. It’s girls’ day out, you can rock any style!

This is the perfect time to accessorize. From bags to scarves to jewelry, the world is your oyster.

Pick a pair of trendy shoes and your outfit is complete. You go girl!


New Hijab’s suggestions for you:

New Hijab Fall Hijab Style 2015


You cant go wrong with an outfit like this. We chose to pair it with a simple chic shawl. Theres loads of styles you can pick from at



Comfy but cute all in one outfit!


Romantic princess:

When going out with that special someone, choose an outfit that’s classy, but comfortable for you. Choose a colour that YOU like. This is after all an outfit that expresses your style. When you’re in an outfit that you love, you will project that energy from your eyes, so he will love it too.

Depending on where going you can choose between killer hills or chic flats. Difficult choice we know! But you are in beautiful in either so it’s a win-win situation.


New Hijab’s suggestions for you:

New Hijab Classic Hijab Style 2015


A stunning look. Choose a shawl from our collection to complete this outfit with style. We chose the shawl with Gold Arabic letters, a timeless classic.


An adorable, romantic look for an evening out.


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Hijab? Fashion?

Hijab? Fashion?!!! Really?!!!

The expression "hijab" truly implies a boundary, screen or a covering in Arabic dialect. The word was not being used amid the early times of Islam. The early-age Jurists of Islamic civilization utilized the word "satr" to denote the Islamic code of modest fashion that must be kept up by both; the unfamiliar man and lady. However, throughout the previous two centuries the word Hijab has ended up regular among the people and media. It is being utilized to portray the garments of Muslim ladies.

New Hijab Style 

The Quranic description of Hijab:-

Quran; the Islamic heavenly sacred text, are known not the words that were uncovered to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Allah Almighty. The Muslims take their teachings and direction from this Holy Scripture and consider it to be the preeminent reference for any demonstration. The impact of covering ladies in draperies or cloak has been laid firmly in the Qur'anic writings. Muslims trust that Quran is the direction for the entire world till the endorsed Day of Judgment arrives. They trust the celestial law to rise above the limits of time and history. They; hence, consider it to be the most genuine and extreme source till the last day. The Muslim Women in this way keep up hijab in their regular lives as to take after the Qur'anic writings.

Quran impacted the covers for ladies in the accompanying ways:-

"Also, they (the trusting ladies) ought not to demonstrate their magnificence aside from what is unmistakable, and they ought to put their khumur over their chests." [24:30]

The word khumar is the plural of khimar that by definition implies a scarf or a schawl and that is the thing that Muslim ladies use to cover their heads or chest with.

The other verse says:-

"O Prophet! Say to your wives, your daughters, and the ladies of the adherents that: they ought to let downward on themselves their jalabib. This is more appropriate that they may be known [as Muslim women] and along these lines not be badgering [or molested]." [33:59]

Jalabib is the plural of the word Jilbab, which as indicated by al-Munjid implies a wide dress.

Hijab in the modern society:-

With regards to the style and fashion, shading, and material of the khimar (Scarves or shawls) and jilbab (Abaya or any kind of Islamic clothing), every Muslim ethnic gathering can take after the Qur'anic directive as indicated by their own particular social foundation. The assortment in styles of actualizing the same Qur'anic law is so in light of the fact that Islam is a world religion, it is can't be limited to one district or tribe or society.

In this manner you see that the Muslim ladies in Arabia use 'abaya; the Persian Muslim ladies use chador or manteau; the Afghani Muslim ladies use burqa; the Indo-Pakistani Muslim ladies use niqab or purdah; the Malaysian/Indonesian Muslim ladies use kerudung; the East African Muslim ladies use buibui; and now in the West, the Canadian Muslim ladies use standard dresses worn with a greater scarf over the head and a free outfit.

Islam is not worried with the Hijab style. It does not have fixed standards as to style of dress or type of clothing that Muslims must wear. However some requirements must be met. For instance one requirements of the dressing is looseness. Clothing must be loose enough so that it did not show the shape of body. Another requirement is the thickness of clothing. Clothing must be thick enough that it did not show the color of the skin.

This is the place the religion and society connect with each other, and in that lies the dynamic part of the Islamic shari'a;

Hijab shields ladies from such men; it symbolizes that she has been purified to one man just and is off-breaking point to all others. Hijab adds to the security and conservation of marriage and family by disposing of the possibilities of extramarital undertakings. At last, it constrains men to concentrate on the genuine identity of the lady and de-underscores her physical excellence. It puts the lady in control of outsiders' response to her.                       


Hijab is not meant to restrict the women from doing the kind of things they want to do, it is a blessing because it make us check our behaviour continuously. It preventing us from doing the thing that Muslims should not be doing anyway. It prevents the women from harassment and extra comments from the outside because it covers our beauty.


Sometimes, however, the decision to wear the hijab can become extra burden and complication through external pressure, notably family and friends. It is important to ascertain the motive for wearing hijab. If one of thinking of wearing it to please her father, husband or just as a change, then think again. Hijab is only to please ALLAH; any other motive will not sustain this conviction. Ultimately you are doing it for ALLAH and He will make it easy for you. So do not hesitate to wearing it because it is your protection and there is no compromise for own protection. And don’t forget you ladies may wear hijab of any style as long it fits the Islamic necessities.





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To cover or not to cover

To cover or not to cover

The eternal battle for women’s liberty


I live in an international university town. People from all races, religions, and different geographic locations all amalgamate here to gain the one thing common among all; knowledge. In front of knowledge, everyone is equal.

So now when I sit to write about this highly debatable topic of our generation Y, I wonder what the entire fuss is all about. Hijab or the act of covering the head has been practised since ages among people of different sectors of the society and with different religious beliefs. I have classmates who wear Hijab to class; they do not look any different to me than the ones without their heads covered. To be very honest, every girl in this world, at some point or the other has covered her head with a piece of cloth for some occasion.


The so called first world countries are going crazy about women in their countries covering their heads. Hijab is not a religion, it is a term. There are so many different Hijab styles. Even a hippie roaming around wearing a bandana on her head is also a Hijab in a certain way. Some people wear it for the sole purpose of protecting their head and neck from dust and pollution, some wear it as an identity, just like a married woman wearing a wedding ring on her finger or a doctor wearing his white coat. No fingers are raised and questions shot at these people, then why segregate only the ones wearing their Hijab as a part of their clothing? Is it really out of the fact that the Hijab symbolises women oppression or the fact that people in the western world are just paranoid and are prejudiced against the people who act slightly differently from the conventional western attitude.

The actual problem with this entire issue lies with the mindset of the people and not the fact that women cover their heads. I too have my own Hijab style when I am riding my scooter; does that make me someone who is a threat or someone who suffers from oppression? It is just a choice, like many others which people choose to keep. Some people choose not to have a last name; similarly some choose to cover their heads. So instead of torturing women who have their heads covered at the security check at the airport, maybe you’d like to concentrate more on the baggage x rays of everyone and make sure no illegal items are being smuggled. Instead of looking at a Hijab wearing women at a job interview, and drawing conclusions about her domestic background, maybe you’d like to ask her a question relevant to the job she has applied for. Hitler, the biggest mass killer the world has ever seen never covered his head. Yet it took a world war to finally put an end to him. Malala on the other hand, with her beautiful eyes and fierce courage, just got a Nobel Peace Prize. After all, no piece of clothing determines the kind of person we are underneath.


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Hijab Styles

Many of us girls out there, all over the world, wear hijab, may it be for religious purposes or as a fashion statement. I always thought the way you wear your hijab is exactly that… the way YOU wear YOUR hijab. Using the same style that you always have done, over many years.

But over the past few months of working in the Islamic fashion industry, I became overwhelmed on just how many ways a girl can wear her hijab!

Before it was thought that certain countries had their own style, and if you would see a girl wearing her hijab a certain way,

you would associate her with a certain country. However, our world is becoming smaller and smaller everyday with the internet and its many uses, which in turn brings the different styles from all ends of the vast world, to your fingertips. (Therefore ladies, I think I was living in a box!)

After I was introduced to this new society of endless hijab styles, I decided to do some research of my own. (By research I mean looking at image after image in astonishment!)

Although I liked some of what I saw, I didn’t feel brave enough to try right now! But I saved a few of my favorite and I think they would look great for a day out or a special occasion. The fact of the matter is that you need to find a style or styles that suit you, not just try the latest trends. Here below are some styles that I came across:




These are just a few of so many styles. I’d love to hear from you about your favorite style! Tell me, do you like to stick to one style like me or do you change often? Please share your thoughts below, can’t wait to hear from you!

And welcome again, to the very diverse universe of hijab styles!

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