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To cover or not to cover

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Written by Sunday, 22 November 2015 20:27;
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To cover or not to cover

The eternal battle for women’s liberty


I live in an international university town. People from all races, religions, and different geographic locations all amalgamate here to gain the one thing common among all; knowledge. In front of knowledge, everyone is equal.

So now when I sit to write about this highly debatable topic of our generation Y, I wonder what the entire fuss is all about. Hijab or the act of covering the head has been practised since ages among people of different sectors of the society and with different religious beliefs. I have classmates who wear Hijab to class; they do not look any different to me than the ones without their heads covered. To be very honest, every girl in this world, at some point or the other has covered her head with a piece of cloth for some occasion.


The so called first world countries are going crazy about women in their countries covering their heads. Hijab is not a religion, it is a term. There are so many different Hijab styles. Even a hippie roaming around wearing a bandana on her head is also a Hijab in a certain way. Some people wear it for the sole purpose of protecting their head and neck from dust and pollution, some wear it as an identity, just like a married woman wearing a wedding ring on her finger or a doctor wearing his white coat. No fingers are raised and questions shot at these people, then why segregate only the ones wearing their Hijab as a part of their clothing? Is it really out of the fact that the Hijab symbolises women oppression or the fact that people in the western world are just paranoid and are prejudiced against the people who act slightly differently from the conventional western attitude.

The actual problem with this entire issue lies with the mindset of the people and not the fact that women cover their heads. I too have my own Hijab style when I am riding my scooter; does that make me someone who is a threat or someone who suffers from oppression? It is just a choice, like many others which people choose to keep. Some people choose not to have a last name; similarly some choose to cover their heads. So instead of torturing women who have their heads covered at the security check at the airport, maybe you’d like to concentrate more on the baggage x rays of everyone and make sure no illegal items are being smuggled. Instead of looking at a Hijab wearing women at a job interview, and drawing conclusions about her domestic background, maybe you’d like to ask her a question relevant to the job she has applied for. Hitler, the biggest mass killer the world has ever seen never covered his head. Yet it took a world war to finally put an end to him. Malala on the other hand, with her beautiful eyes and fierce courage, just got a Nobel Peace Prize. After all, no piece of clothing determines the kind of person we are underneath.


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