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Hijab? Fashion?

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Written by Thursday, 26 November 2015 01:56;
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Hijab? Fashion?!!! Really?!!!

The expression "hijab" truly implies a boundary, screen or a covering in Arabic dialect. The word was not being used amid the early times of Islam. The early-age Jurists of Islamic civilization utilized the word "satr" to denote the Islamic code of modest fashion that must be kept up by both; the unfamiliar man and lady. However, throughout the previous two centuries the word Hijab has ended up regular among the people and media. It is being utilized to portray the garments of Muslim ladies.

New Hijab Style 

The Quranic description of Hijab:-

Quran; the Islamic heavenly sacred text, are known not the words that were uncovered to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Allah Almighty. The Muslims take their teachings and direction from this Holy Scripture and consider it to be the preeminent reference for any demonstration. The impact of covering ladies in draperies or cloak has been laid firmly in the Qur'anic writings. Muslims trust that Quran is the direction for the entire world till the endorsed Day of Judgment arrives. They trust the celestial law to rise above the limits of time and history. They; hence, consider it to be the most genuine and extreme source till the last day. The Muslim Women in this way keep up hijab in their regular lives as to take after the Qur'anic writings.

Quran impacted the covers for ladies in the accompanying ways:-

"Also, they (the trusting ladies) ought not to demonstrate their magnificence aside from what is unmistakable, and they ought to put their khumur over their chests." [24:30]

The word khumar is the plural of khimar that by definition implies a scarf or a schawl and that is the thing that Muslim ladies use to cover their heads or chest with.

The other verse says:-

"O Prophet! Say to your wives, your daughters, and the ladies of the adherents that: they ought to let downward on themselves their jalabib. This is more appropriate that they may be known [as Muslim women] and along these lines not be badgering [or molested]." [33:59]

Jalabib is the plural of the word Jilbab, which as indicated by al-Munjid implies a wide dress.

Hijab in the modern society:-

With regards to the style and fashion, shading, and material of the khimar (Scarves or shawls) and jilbab (Abaya or any kind of Islamic clothing), every Muslim ethnic gathering can take after the Qur'anic directive as indicated by their own particular social foundation. The assortment in styles of actualizing the same Qur'anic law is so in light of the fact that Islam is a world religion, it is can't be limited to one district or tribe or society.

In this manner you see that the Muslim ladies in Arabia use 'abaya; the Persian Muslim ladies use chador or manteau; the Afghani Muslim ladies use burqa; the Indo-Pakistani Muslim ladies use niqab or purdah; the Malaysian/Indonesian Muslim ladies use kerudung; the East African Muslim ladies use buibui; and now in the West, the Canadian Muslim ladies use standard dresses worn with a greater scarf over the head and a free outfit.

Islam is not worried with the Hijab style. It does not have fixed standards as to style of dress or type of clothing that Muslims must wear. However some requirements must be met. For instance one requirements of the dressing is looseness. Clothing must be loose enough so that it did not show the shape of body. Another requirement is the thickness of clothing. Clothing must be thick enough that it did not show the color of the skin.

This is the place the religion and society connect with each other, and in that lies the dynamic part of the Islamic shari'a;

Hijab shields ladies from such men; it symbolizes that she has been purified to one man just and is off-breaking point to all others. Hijab adds to the security and conservation of marriage and family by disposing of the possibilities of extramarital undertakings. At last, it constrains men to concentrate on the genuine identity of the lady and de-underscores her physical excellence. It puts the lady in control of outsiders' response to her.                       


Hijab is not meant to restrict the women from doing the kind of things they want to do, it is a blessing because it make us check our behaviour continuously. It preventing us from doing the thing that Muslims should not be doing anyway. It prevents the women from harassment and extra comments from the outside because it covers our beauty.


Sometimes, however, the decision to wear the hijab can become extra burden and complication through external pressure, notably family and friends. It is important to ascertain the motive for wearing hijab. If one of thinking of wearing it to please her father, husband or just as a change, then think again. Hijab is only to please ALLAH; any other motive will not sustain this conviction. Ultimately you are doing it for ALLAH and He will make it easy for you. So do not hesitate to wearing it because it is your protection and there is no compromise for own protection. And don’t forget you ladies may wear hijab of any style as long it fits the Islamic necessities.





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