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10 tips on being a positive person:

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Written by Sunday, 13 December 2015 13:25;
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10 tips on being a positive person:

We all know life isn’t easy, but there is always something we can do to make it easier. It all comes down to changing your attitude. Being pessimistic can have a huge negative impact on your health and life. Negative thoughts bring on high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

         Instead you can choose to be positive, which in turn determines your mindset, which improves your health and energy.


Here at the New Hijab Headquarters, have made a list of 10 simple ways to help you be a more positive person!


ü 1. Appreciate the little things in life:

When you feel angry, or out of luck, just think about all the blessings you have. Try to find the silver lining and focus on that. You’ll realize that you are actually very lucky.


ü 2. Don’t compare yourself to others:

If you live your life comparing yourself to others, you will always be unhappy. There’s always going to be someone better than you at something. But you forget, there’s no one who can ever be YOU. That’s an achievement in its self. Don’t let anyone let you think otherwise.


ü 3. Educate yourself daily:

Try to read books about anything and everything. You might even find your passion, pick up a new skill or even learn a new language! This will help in building your confidence every day.


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New Hijab Modern Hijab Styles for Muslim Women Online Shop, Educate Yourself

ü 4. No need to always react:

Acknowledge that you don’t always have to react to certain situations; you don’t need to always be part of the drama. Just walk away.


ü 5. Act it:

If you act sad then you will be. It’s as simple as that. Try to act happy and confident and you will actually feel happy and confident! Try it!


ü 6. Live in the moment:

Don’t think about the past or the future more than necessary. This is one the biggest traps to attract negative thoughts and you don’t want that. Enjoy the moment right now, but…


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ü 7. …Set goals:

If you don’t know where you’re going, it can also be dangerous. Set achievable dream goals and work your way to them. It’s not a race and you should go at your own pace.


ü 8. Associate with positive people:

We all know 2 types of people: positive, upbeat, optimistic or negative, pessimistic and negative. Hanging with the second gang will always leave you feeling depressed. Select the first group, which make you feel positive about life and yourself. They will feed your soul.


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ü 9. Keep a healthy diet:

It’s amazing what healthy food can do for you. Just knowing that your body is getting the nutrients and vitamins that it needs will put you in a better mood and make you feel tons lighter.


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Last but not least…

ü 10. Dress up!

Believe it or not, wearing beautiful clothes, colours that you like, or an item that makes you stand out, will raise your positive energy levels right up.

Every day, pick an outfit that you feel expresses you and let that positive energy radiate through you. We at New Hijab believe that what a girl wears affects her mood, so we try to provide clothes for all styles…

Abaya lover, hijab wearer, sporty, classy, modern, vintage, unique, stylish, modest…. The list is endless and we have it all.


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But, the secret ingredient to a positive attitude and is the most important, is a SMILE.

A smile is the most beautiful thing a girl can wear. 


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