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Sara Russell Sara Russell

It was my pleasure to have had the opportunity to interview this very talented woman. It wasn’t my first time meeting with her but it was great to have a sit down and actually talk. The last time I had seen her, she was working and totally in her zone! But this week she gave me the opportunity to take a page out of her book... come meet the artistic Sara Russell.



So Sara, thank you for giving me the chance to get to know you better, tell me a little bit about you:

 My name is Sara Russell, I’m 37 years old. I’m half English, half Iranian. Born and raised in the south of England. I’m a proud mother of 2. I’m a free-lance/wedding photographer.


Can you tell me more about what you do for a living?

My full time position is being a mother of two, the hours I invest is 24/7. But alongside that, I am a free-lance photographer, and I also cover wedding and events. Additionally, I did some modeling for a very stylish clothing line called New Hijab. (Haha!)


Yes, I know it. Love the pictures! So, tell me. How does wearing hijab affect your line of work?

I have found it to my advantage as my clients are mainly Muslim. So I have been fortunate not to have encountered any prejudice. Being a female wedding photographer happens to be appreciated by Muslim clients. I actually find hijab empowering on many levels.


Can you please elaborate on the last point you made?

Well, women are constantly pressurized into looking and dressing a certain way to get the desired opportunities that life has to offer.  Hijab for me is a choice I take with the understanding that I am appreciated for my abilities. Hijab to me is liberating because focus is on perfecting inner beauty that hijab reflects. I feel empowered because of the protection and hijab is an elegant symbol of respect and strength. Women can achieve anything with the observance of hijab. And there are no obstacles as far as I’m aware!      


So, hijab has never held you back from anything you've ever wanted to do?

It has only held me back from the temptation of doing anything that could potentially be destructive!


Mashallah sister! Do you think that your life would have been different if you didn't wear hijab?

I have thought about it, what would my life be without hijab? I believe my love for hijab identifies with a major part of who I am and hijab has always been like being in a state of continues prayer, remembrance and worship. Maintaining observance in the beauty of equality that hijab nourishes. This observance could never be as clear if I were to abandon such a liberty!


Well said! What advice would you give to someone considering wearing the hijab or has been having second thoughts while wearing it?

If I was asked advice of any kind regarding wearing hijab or undermining it, I would just elaborate on the pros and really emphasize on the fact that there are no cons. Generally speaking, hijab is an Islamic dress code, a symbol of faith and the guidelines are there for the benefit of women and men alike. I believe that everyone has a journey to make and important factor I am reminded of constantly is to never impose and the best way to guide is by example.


Wow Sara. This was thought provoking! Thank you for giving me the chance to get to know you personally.

Zahra jaan, I thank Allah for putting you in my path and reminding me that gratitude, kindness and generosity are the most beautiful attributes of Him that are shared among hearts seeking truth through love… Big hearts never fail to ride through the greatest challenges.


The pleasure is all mine. May your successes be endless Sara!


                          Sara Russell in her zone.

 You can check out Sara's work here:



I hope you were inspired and intrigued by Sara’s story. Please feel free to comment your thoughts bellow.

If you would like to nominate a super woman in your life, or even yourself for our upcoming interview, we would love to hear from you! Just email us the details and why you think they are an inspiration.

Until next time… God bless you all.




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